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Welcome to London Piano Studio

The studio is based in central London and provides quality piano lessons to all ages and abilities in London.

And the studio also gives inspired coaching to instrumentalists and singers.

Play piano, Play music

Learn how to play the piano and how to make your music sound more musical.

Yes, it is possible for anyone to play the piano.

London Piano Studio has successfully taught many students from beginner to advanced level and helped them to find pleasure in learning piano.

Inspired to play piano?

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If you really wish to play, it's certainly possible, whatever age or level you are!

Everyone has potential to make their own future vision true. I know that students improve in different ways according to their age and learning styles. The only thing that will be required is your willingness to learn and commitment to continue.

If you or your children are ready to try, the next step is getting a good teacher who instructs you well and motivates you. I am a teacher with more than 10 years teaching experience, helping students to enjoy learning and achieve good results. My students consistently have passed grades exams high standard, some of them being awarded music scholarships. Even when a student only learns the piano for fun or as a hobby, there is no reason why they should not reach a professional standard.

Learning music is a wonderful thing. Making music is actually a very natural thing once if you feel so. If you haven't experienced that and would like to do so, l'm here to help you.



"Someone rare - who has perfect musicality"

"Holistic teacher"

After over 10 years' teaching experience, Reina started London Piano Studio to offer students the most effective tuition to meet individual needs. She also coaches conductors, singers, ensembles and dancers to develop their professional skills.

Reina was introduced to music at her very early age, studied with Yukiko Deto in Osaka and gained a Bacholor degree from Osaka University of Music. Following to complete her degree, she was selected to perform at the Young Artist Concert in Osaka.

During the time at University, Reina had been interested in modern and contemporary music as much as classical repertoires. She passionated to explore and put a spot light on musics unknown. And during the time of exploring, she grew her interest of performing music in her unique way, new from what has been done.

Meanwhile, her passion and interest were expanded to other creative genre and that led her to form a performance group with fellow musicians and artists to make a creative stage show to explore a new style to present classic music to audiences. In 2005, the group made a successful debut at Kyoto's Art Complex 1928, and were invited to perform in the opening series of the new arts venue, Creative Centre Osaka.

Soon after, Reina moved to London where she completed her Postgraduate study at Royal Academy of Music, studied with Pascal Nemirovski and William Fong. SInce then, she started perform as a soloist and a chamber music player as well as an accompanist in UK.

But a part from performing as a pianist, her passion of creating and interest of music led her to expand other studies. She also studied jazz piano with Atsuko Hashimoto, Sara Dhillon and Barry Green, and studied composition with Grigorio Giamougiannis.

Forming up improvisation performance duet with her fellow violinist, they released an album, recorded in UK and USA. One of their recent album received the Independent Music Award.

Reina was invited to join the project 'Japan Meets West' and she composes and arranges the music scores for this project team. She performed as a member of the team and appeared with them in Trafalgar Square, London in 2012. Their performance was reviewed that "it is possibly a new genre of music. Their sound had a strong essence of their roots - classic music and it is acoustic. But it could be called progressive rock or maybe even something completely new. I should say that the fact is contributed by one of the team member, Reina Okada, the pianist who did all arrangements and composition for the team."

In 2012, she performed at Guildhall for the national event "Gibraltar Day" which was televised.


Teaching gave Reina a chance to analyze herself as a pianist and understand in more detail how to play expressively. You can't see these details when you are watching a pianist perform, but when you are taught them you can apply them to your own playing and feel the difference. Everyone learns differently and this fascinates her. It has motivated her to adapt her teaching effectively for each individual student.

Reina has always been passionate about music, and enjoy sharing this passion with others, which makes her a fervently dedicated teacher.

Her students have achived good results from Grade exams, GCSE exams in music. Some of them were successfully given scholorships, won awards from competitions and invited to junior departments of music concervatoires such as Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Royal Collage of Music and Royal Academy of Music.

Vision of tuition


My vision is that all of my students will reach the highest possibility of their musical potential from their tuition. Each student will progress at their own ideal pace and achieve their very best as a real pianist who enjoys and appreciates music.

Through my experience of teaching as well as coaching, I realise how important it is to help students to be able to express their unique musicality and to experience how they could be free and comfortable when playing the piano. They learn not only to read and make sounds they see on the page, but also to understand and express the music that emerges. It's a wonderful moment to watch students experience this feeling.

In your piano lessons each you will fully engage your creative and artistic faculties and will find satisfaction and enjoyment.

I'm always motivated to find the most effective way to improve each individual student and have found my own method to give them a strong, firm foundation in musicality, technique and theory to lead them to the next stage of each level. My aim is always to guide students gradually to become confident in their own musicality and be able to express this.

I don't compromise on the quality of piano lessons you will receive. Whatever level you're at now, it doesn't matter. I welcome all levels from absolute beginners to advanced. Even if you've never touched a piano before, no need to worry.

All students will grow musically, academically and personally through learning the piano. And you will experience and benefit from focus and confidence in learning with me.

Learning with me


I give fully dedicated one-to-one quality lessons in a friendly atmosphere to all ages from 4 years old, to all levels, and in all genres - classic, pop, cross-over, film music etc.

The first lesson takes place in the form of an evaluation, especially if students have experienced piano lessons before. And based on this, lessons will be designed uniquely for each student to suit their individual needs.

Students will learn how to engage with the piano and control your fingers, hands, wrists, arms and shoulders by proper technical training and appropriate music selection. This will make them comfortable and free to express their musicality and expand their range of tonal character and color. Proper technique will also help them to avoid music performance injury.

I will teach all essentials to be a fine pianist - knowing the proper procedure, how to develop a colorful sound, touch, analysis, and all things piano related.

Students will be given personal practice method and homework which will be explained in detail. Homework will be checked and discussed for their further improvement. It is important to learn how to practise following the method given, which will enable effective progression.

I can prepare students for all piano examinations, such as ABRSM and diploma studies etc.

Subjects - I teach

- Piano

- Music Theory

- Solfège / Aural Training

- Sight Reading

- Coaching for other instrument musicians and singers

- Musicality Training for dancers

Studio or Home tuition

You may wish to have lessons at my studio in central London. Alternatively I also give lessons at student's home.


Which levels of learners do you teach?
– From complete beginners to advanced level.

How often are lessons?
– I usually recommend that lessons are held either once or twice a week.

Can I have piano lessons at home?
– Yes, depending on your location.

At which age can a child start piano lessons?
– If the right motivation and attention to the piano is there, beginning lessons from the age of three / four is fairly usual.

Do you teach adult learners?
– Yes,

Do you teach music theory?
– Yes, music theory is very important part of instrumental lessons.

Do you teach sight reading?
– Yes, the ability to sight read is essential as it enables the player to enjoy music on a different level and is the basis of learning to play the piano.

Do you teach aural?
– Yes, this is absolutely essential to learn how to play musically.

Do you prepare for UK grade exams?
– Yes, I prepare for ABRSM exams and Trinity examination boards.

Is having a piano necessary?
– Depending on the age and goals the answer could be yes or no. It would be helpful for you anyway if you have. However, buying a piano is rather expensive considering the fact that you might want to have a trial period at the beginning. There are several possibilities such as hiring, hiring with option to buy etc. I would be glad to consult you if necessary.

Will I have to buy music?
– Yes, buying new music is important for the learning experience.

Do you teach during school holidays?
- Yes

How much do you charge?
– Please contact to check the current rate.

Do I pay for the introductory lesson?
– Yes

If you have any other questions which have not been answered here please email me and I shall get back to you as soon as possible.


For any enquiry or if you would like further information or wish to book lessons, please use the phone number or the email form below.

Arranging a trial lesson is also available.

Studio lessons are given in Bloomsbury WC1, nearest station: Russell Square.

Phone: 078 3734 1589

Prefer home tuition?

Read - Studio or home tuition?